We appreciate the attention the store has drawn since we opened the site back in June, 2020. We've survived the pandemic. Like many businesses, we have actually seen sales increases after all the tragic lockdowns were lifted, and have decided to continue the "Buyers' Only Personal Lifetime Promo Code" program, still giving all buyers a full 15% discount on all future purchases within our store. You receive the promo code in an email which is sent out after we receive confirmation of your product delivery. We thought a couple of years ago that we wouldn't be able to sustain such a discount on prices that were already among the lowest on the internet for many of our items. This may be our last year we extending this offer, but those shoppers who get on board and make purchases between now and the end of the year (12/31/24) are GUARANTEED 15% OFF on all future purchases at AndroidRetailWorld.com or our eCrater Marketplace store AndroidRetailWorld (https://AndroidRetailWorld.eCrater.com). Just make sure you apply the promo code during your checkout process when purchasing merchandise from our store. We are trying as best we can to be mindful of the effect that inflation is having, and we are trying to maintain our low prices as best we can.
The promo code is given to anyone who makes a purchase at our store (https://AndroidRetailWorld.eCrater.com, or AndroidRetailWorld.com. We own the domain name, but have decided for now to stay on the eCrater marketplace.) Once a customer makes a purchase at our store (at regular listed prices) that customer will then receive an email after the purchase has been confirmed and funds received with their own promo code. NOTE: The promo code is good for 15% off any item in the store, and applies to item price only, shipping costs, if any, will not be discounted. WARNING: These codes have been developed specifically for each customer and it is NOT transferable. These codes are developed for the individual receiving it, and contain information within the code that we use to confirm your identity as one of our existing customers. We share your personally identifiable information with NO ONE! You are to use these codes yourself for you and your family. If you give the code to someone else and they purchase an item using a code not given to them, they will be restricted from using our site, and the customers' Lifetime promo code privilege will be revoked. This restriction is designed to do TWO THINGS: 1) maintain your privacy and 2) provide the best possible value to our customers, and putting our customers' privacy at risk is in no way considered "best practices" We run an honest shop, and intend to continue running it that way.
AndroidRetailWorld.com is proud to be able to offer brand-new High-Quality Electric Cars and Vehicles. Although there are three methods available that we could offer our customers, we will only be offering two options: The "Free Shipping Option" or the "Full Logistics Option." (the third option had no tracking and per our own policy, we simply will not offer it.)
Packaging and Transportation Packaging Details If you choose "Free shipping" you will still be responsible for customs clearance fees, import taxes, VAT charges, and destination port fees. These may vary somewhat depending on the destination address. Also, freight fees for inland truck delivery are not included in the price of the order. These electric cars and vehicles will be packaged in seaworthy cases, then loaded into full containers or by LCL container delivery to the basic port of the customers' country by sea via Standard International Ocean Freight for FREE. You will need to clear customs and pick up the order by yourself after the items arrive at the port in your country. If required, we will be happy to refer you to a back-end logistics service company in your region, which will track, AND TRUCK the items to your doorstep. Now that's if you use the "Free Shipping" option. On the other hand, if you choose the paid "Full Logistics Package" option then the whole cost of delivery to your destination will be covered, including customs clearance fees and taxes. Please note that this product is a custom product, Once we have the payment confirmation, the order will be irrevocable. After placing an order, Shipping is around 10 days! It takes about 35-50 days to update the tracking information after the item arrives at its destination by sea or rail. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We'll be offering electric vintage cars, electric golf carts, golf buggies, electric police cars, sightseeing mini buses, electric trucks, and various business vehicles, etc. Some of these will be from brand names you will recognize, while others are from foreign markets. But we feel the prices will more than pique your curiosity. These series of electric cars have all passed rigorous and various International tests. For the batteries adopted MSDS certificates have been issued. These electric cars have been exported and delivered to Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Libya, Egypt, Oman, etc. This site will deliver only to the United States, with Canada starting later this year or early next year. For deliveries to Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Egypt, and Oman go to AndroidRetailWorld.com UK Store (also thru the eCRATER Marketplace). The URL is https://AndroidRetailWorld.eCRATER.co.UK/ Deliveries headed to Australia, New Zealand, or Malaysia will be handled by our Australian site located at https://AndroidRetailWorld.eCRATER.com.AU/
The manufacturers in each case offer a 12-month warranty with any replacement parts provided for free.
The truth is you may find lower prices elsewhere occasionally, but all items we stock and sell are brand new in box, factory-sealed. From time to time, we may have some discounted 'refurbished' items, but if so it would be clearly stated on that items' description page. It should be noted here that regardless of condition, all items are backed by the same 30-day refund policy and conditions.
It's easy! Order the items you wish to purchase from our store and go to the Checkout Page. Once you have completed your details and the amount and type of products you are ordering you will see directly below the last product item listed for purchase a box with the words "APPLY PROMO CODE" in it...Simply type in the name of the Promo Code being offered at the time (No quotation marks, just the text) and you will instantly see your savings before finalizing your purchase. Yes, it is that simple! UPDATE EFFECTIVE 02/01/2022: All "Buyers' Only" promo codes issued on or before 1/31/2022 will remain in effect as a 15% discount for lifetime. Codes issued to customers on or after 02/01/2022 will be good for 12.5% discounts for the remainder of the customers' lifetime, for products on our site at AndroidRetailWorld.com (whether it be a sale made from the eCRATER marketplace, or originated from a visit to our domain.)
Of course, we'll make every available attempt to make sure you are satisfied with our products and services, but if in fact, you're not satisfied with your purchase we will offer you a full refund, if returned within 30 days (in original packaging with all enclosures) in the manner you paid (i.e. credit on your card account, or cash refund if paid by cleared cashiers' check or money order. "Cash refund" as it pertains to this agreement would be in the form of a prepaid Visa/Mastercard debit card gift card mailed to the address on record from the transaction being refunded. If the amount to be refunded is less than $20.00 then a United States Postal Money order will be sent to the name and address on record from the refunded transaction.) If the product arrived damaged during shipment, we will replace your order immediately upon receipt of the returned item. Please contact us via email first so we can issue you an RMA number prior to you shipping it back to us. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at ClientResponseDept@AndroidLifeStyle.com. Note: We reserve the right if a particular item has been ordered and we are out of stock to fulfill the order with a substantially similar item (i.e same item under a different brand name) or, in the event the item has been discontinued, the upgraded version of the same or similar item. In these cases, we would be sure that the specs were at least the same or better, and in NO case would we complete the order using refurbished products or products with lower specs, or with less advanced features. On a few of our items, the refund policy is reduced to only seven (7) dyas after confirmed delivery, and that merely reflects the policy of some of the vendors we deal with. If such a reduction exists for a particular product, it will be clearly indicated with the products' description page.
Yes...International orders are welcome, please see item description page and shipping Weight Matrix page to see if we ship to your country as well as shipping charge information. NOTE: We do not ship to all countries and AndroidRetailWorld.com will not ship to any individuals, NGO's, governments, or any other entities listed on any sanctions list issued by the United States Government.