Terms of Service

1. Acceptance of Terms

This document lays out the terms and conditions governing the use of our marketplace site here on eCrater.com. Our site,
hereinafter referred to as 'AndroidRetailWorld' or 'AndroidRetailWorld.com' has a legally binding agreement with eCrater.com to follow all their rules, regulations, and bylaws. As such, if you visit this website, whether by browsing eCrater.com and finding our store or finding a product page of our store through ANY search engine, or other browser, app, or extension of any kind you hereby agree to also follow the terms and conditions set forth by eCrater.com.

2. You may also visit our site by visiting our domain "AndroidRetailWorld.com" which is located at the following URL: http://AndroidRetailWorld.com.
Additionally, no hacking of any source code with respect to our domain (which is automatically redirected to our store site here at eCrater.com) or illegal extraction of any customer info, or any other intellectual or proprietary content outside of the eCrater.com platform, which also includes our own email addresses (ClientResponseDept@AndroidLifestyle.com or customerservice@androidlifestyle.com)

3. Access to the Site is provided to all users free of charge. assuming the aforementioned conditions 1 & 2 (and any and all future subsections of said conditions, should there be any posted in the future) are met.

4. eCRATER.com, in its sole discretion, may terminate your license to use their (or our) website if you have violated any of their policies and rules set out in their Agreement and for any reason without prior notice to you or us. You acknowledge and agree that eCRATER may immediately bar you from further access to this and/or their website. Neither the marketplace host, eCRATER in this case, nor AndroidRetailWorld.com will be liable to you or any third party for any termination of your access and/or use of this and/or their website.

5. We do not release your personal information to third parties. However, eCRATER may disclose the User's identity and contact information, if they or we suspect that the buyer is using the site for fraudulent purposes, or if requested by a government agency or entity, or any law enforcement body (inclusive worldwide whether it be local, state, regional, provincial, federal, commonwealth, district, or international), an injured third party, or as a result of a subpoena or other legal action, and neither eCRATER.com nor AndroidRetailWorld.com shall be liable for damages or results thereof and User agrees not to bring any action or claim against eCRATER.com or AndroidRetailWorld.com for such disclosure.
6. AndroidRetailWorld.com actively pursues anyone attempting to defraud our business by using credit cards that have been stolen, copied, replicated, or presumed lost, to purchase items from our store. We collect all available data and have upgraded our forensic capabilities we cooperate with all law enforcement agencies to hunt down these online criminals and have been successful in actually getting convictions and actual jail sentences on five individuals over the last twenty-five years.

7. The domain "AndroidRetailWorld.com" is owned by ECommerce California, Inc., a Delaware Corporation. Our Home office is located in Delaware, at 221 North Broad Street, Suite 3A, Middletown, DE 19709 and we have marketing and consulting offices located in California. We do not house any inventory at these office locations.

8. In accordance with eCrater.com Terms and Conditions, any and all legal matters arising from any transactions that originated from this site (the eCrater.com Marketplace) as such will be governed by the laws of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and adjudicated in Orange County, California, USA.